Saturday, February 14, 2009

bon iver - "skinny love"

My best discovery last year in music was Bon Iver.  His album, For Emma, Forever Ago was a revelation to me. Every nuanced sound, verse, moment seemed quietly screamed from his soul. Cathartic, expansive, truthful.

If you don't know the story, he went off to a cabin alone in the Wisconsin woods to basically reclaim his life from all the "stuff" that had been happening over the last few years. He created this elegy to that life and a space for hope for the future one. I have listened to at least one song, usually the whole album, at least once a day since I got it last August.

I selected the video below for it's quiet power and while it may seem an odd choice for Valentine's Day, I'm sure it will resonate with some.

You should also go to concerts a emporter on La Blogotheque to see some more videos done in Paris.  They do these great live short films of bands performing songs in very different, often impromptu locations like someone's living room, walking the streets or maybe even the tour van. Really intimate. Check out Bon Iver's, Part I and Part II. The a cappella section of the title song is fabulous. Enjoy.


  1. Oh I love him, and Jools Holland. Do you get that show in USA? Hope so! this is soooo perfet x

  2. hey jojo, sadly, we do not get jools holland, but when i was in london, i watched it every chance i got. i love watching television in london, no bombardment of commercials every five minutes. so nice.