Saturday, February 21, 2009

beirut - "flying club cup"

Another discovery I made in 2008 was Beirut. Zach Condon, the mastermind behind this band, is pretty damn amazing. He quit high school and college (on the first day) deciding he could get a better education traveling the world. After soaking it all in, he landed back in New Mexico scooping ice cream and making Eastern European gypsy music in his bedroom. Finally, he ended up in Brooklyn, New York putting together a wonderful band to bring his compositions to life. 

La Blogotheque and Beirut got together to make live videos for the 2007 album, "The Flying Club Cup". If you follow the link and select the videos book, you can watch a performance for each song on the album by selecting the photo for each track number. It's great music and lots of interactive fun.  I would come back to the track selection page after each performance as I am not sure the feed after the videos plays them in order.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, even if it does take maybe an hour or more of your day. Make a pot of tea, find a relaxing spot and just enjoy while these musicians and artists play a great intimate show. 

These totally make me wish I was living in a place where I could do this every day especially seeing as how I played the trumpet and French horn growing up. 

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