Saturday, March 7, 2009

múm and pitchfork tv

Yesterday, I discovered Pitchfork TV. This was a good thing, but it also took about three or four hours away from my day because I was having so much fun. It's great! They have lots of music videos and live shows from some wonderful bands. I'm sure I'm late to the game, but I was happy to find another outlet to explore music.

I watched a múm show from the Brooklyn Masonic Temple that I loved. If you don't know múm, they are an Icelandic band that incorporates analogue and digital technologies while playing an assortment of instruments including violin, cello, melodica, harmonica and even kazoo. Not your regular band. Well maybe more so today but they started off working like this as teenagers back in 1998. I'm sure influencing some of today's converts. The sound is definitely unique, and fun. Orchestral in many ways. You can see the full show here, part one and part two. There are great performances of "Guilty Rocks" and "Marmalade Fires" in part one.

I've included the song "They made frogs smoke 'til they exploded" below. Yes, they have interesting song titles as well. It definitely shows their playful side. The aspect ratio is a little off here, but it's fine on Pitchfork's site. Enjoy.

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