Saturday, March 28, 2009

elbow - "one day like this"

One of my favorite bands in the world is Elbow. These lads from Manchester, England make what i like to call literary music. Every song tells a story and is soaked through with meaning. Many of their songs hold influence in my work and my life. They were (finally) awarded the Nationwide Mercury Prize in 2008 for the best album in England, The Seldom Seen Kid. It has been on constant play in my life since it came out last April. I encourage you to pick up a copy and actually get the entire back catalog. You will not be let down. I have been following them since they released their first album, Asleep in the Back, in 2001 and they just keep getting better. And live... let's just say, it is PERFECT! See them for sure if they come to your town. Recently, they performed the entire latest album live on the BBC. You can see the individual songs on youtube.

I chose "One Day Like This" because it is a beautiful day here in Los Angeles. The video was shot here in my fair city. I think the story goes the original video idea was having some scheduling issues so they went out and found a moment that was as poignant as the song. A song about the day after discovering love. The joy that ensues. That feeling of freedom.


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