Monday, March 16, 2009

for kelly, john, and quinn...

In 2005, I went to Portland, Oregon for five days. It was my first trip there, and five truly enjoyable days. What rain? It rained like an hour tops maybe. Anyway, I loved it there. The clean air. The "green" city. The vibe. The food. Portland is a a great food town. And I mean great! Local and fresh is the mantra. Park Kitchen is absolutely one of my favorite places in the world to eat.  The lemon soufflé with fresh blueberries... damn, it's good!

My good friend, Kelly, her very soon-to-be husband, John, and their absolutely adorable 16-month-old son, Quinn, just moved to Portland last week. I was sad to see them leave, but I know they are going to be in love with the city, as they already seem to be, why else would they have moved there, right? 

I've known quite a few people who have or are in the process of moving to this wonderful city in the last few years. I'm still thinking of going myself. To Kelly, John, Quinn, Kate, Aaron, and Rashmi... I offer up this image. I hope to visit soon, and one never knows what the future might hold. Neighbors? May you find tremendous happiness in your new home. And may the life of your dreams be... 

made in oregon

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