Saturday, May 9, 2009

jon hopkins - "light through the veins"

When I first saw this video I was a bit mesmerized. It isn't overly flashy and to some may be boring, however for me the simplistic marriage of the art, the colors and the music is perfect. I love that the form changes from what looks to be animated folding laundry to sea animals especially an octopus and a whale. Plus, I really like the song. Too bad the video is not for the nine minute version, which is available on iTunes as a free discovery download this week, or you can download it here as well. Get it while you can. 

Jon Hopkins, who started playing the piano at age five and by twelve was studying at London's Royal College of Music, has worked with many artists including Brian Eno, King Creosote and if you are a Coldplay fan, you might recognize this song. He was the co-producer on their latest release and part of this song was used as the intro to Life in Technicolor.


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  2. Very nice, and i am a Coldplay fan. cya.