Monday, April 20, 2009

polaroid week

Like most all artists and photographers, I love Polaroid. I acquired my first one from a film I worked on in 2000. A Captiva SLR. The 4 x 5 type image on this small polaroid rectangle was just too much. I was in heaven. Smitten. I was really just getting started with my photography journey then, and little did I know how it would definitely influence my future work so much. It will return... we must believe.

Recently, I went back through some of these images, and I've decided I'm going to finally share some here this week.

driving sunset, hollywood

from the series, polaroids

copyright © christopher barbour 2002-2009


  1. Love the wispy clouds in this one.



  2. Thanks Mike. It was nice to rediscover these. I found them in a box I had forgotten about. Imagine that?!